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Peter and Broni

Guesswork are a duo with a passion for that soulful feel whether the genre is jazz, blues/rock or classic pop. Our sets mix original material with covers from every decade from the thirties to the noughties. We play and sing live, supported by our own self recorded backing tracks.


We work together in composition, recording and live performance. Broni concentrates on the lyrical and vocal side while Peter creates the instrumental framework - with much trespassing by both. Though we have many years of experience in theatre and music, Guesswork is the vehicle that provides the luxury of ultimate self expression. We love vocal harmony, multi-layered rhythms and strong instrumental work.



Live Work


Here you can see and hear examples of the way we have treated live covers in our own style, and listen to original songs from our two albums.


Broni's outstanding voice is backed by Peter's cool slide guitar in arrangements that combine intricate vocal harmony with the right groove. Click the video tab for examples of our live set. Click here to see a play list (chronological)


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Bronwen Harrison
Jolly Board Guesswork

dobro guitar peter


guesswork enter alone album

When you've created your own music it leaves you strangely unqualified to categorise it, though art rock, swamp rock
and folk rock have all been mentioned.

guesswork cabin fever album

We're told this is the darker side of what we do.

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